Plain Circuit Breaker Replacement


In any industry you often the executives in the boardroom asking potential marketers, “Why should the customer prefer us?” The most appropriate answer to that would be the service offered by this company. Their staff are conversant with their trade for one. My house had several issues that needed fixing. My doorbell didn’t serve its purpose, the ceiling fan was starting to misbehave and we needed a port to connect our devices to the router. When I called in to the company’s desk, the operators took me through the installation process. They answered the questions I had regarding the cost and time it would take to be done. After I finally booked an appointment I waited for the crew to arrive. The crew arrived at my house in time. They brought with them the proper equipment required to repair the doorbell, fix the fan and the fitting the router we wanted. To the executive I would say this, “experience, fair pricing and professionalism is how you last in the service industry.”


I cannot believe I that I am yet to see this company’s customer model go viral. Start with the customer care desk. The staff in this department know their stuff. When I called in to request their service on the installation of a new water heater they asked me about the model I preferred. Apparently the model I wanted was for more commercial purposes. For my domestic needs it would wasteful for me to buy it. Instead, I was directed to a more viable model. The retail store that would be in charge of the transaction provided the cheapest prices. How cool? I would say, this is the one stop shop for your electronic needs.


Just short note on a great service that I had from the professional company once again, to give you the feedback . I called just before 7 am and call was handled professionally and in the friendly way. Lady on phone informed me I will have the electrician asap. Within one hour there were 2 happy professional electricians service on this job and this did not take much time to sort out this problem. So, thank you for the job done well. I may recommend your professional company to others as well.


We undertook recently the large renovation of our home. During that time I found this team you’re your electrician service to be of few trades people that I will have again. Both the electrician guys always were on the site on right time and did outstanding job. So, well done, very good tradies are rare in the area nowadays.


I was very much pleased with rewiring work that was done in my home in May. Our team was of young men & I will use your electrician services again in case they’re required. Plenty of thanks


     We have used your Electrical service on many occasions to conduct some electrical work and always have been highly satisfied with the work and punctuality.