Plain Circuit Breaker Replacement


When you are considering an electrician for new construction, rehabilitation projects or structural repair after catastrophe, our company is a small family owned business that will service your needs as if you were part of our family! Our team is led by professional veteran who has worked with pre World War II wiring, standby generator installations, as well as a variety of renewable energy projects! The guy was installing solar panels before they were fashionable, in fact, he has worked as an advisory consultant for several solar farm projects around the world! 
They oversee each and every contract under the direction of their father and the staff they supervise are equally concerned about providing a level of service that meets their expectations. The team handles every job, from new facility construction to replacing a single outlet or light fixture with the utmost care and urgency that is required when providing a professional service that is essential to a safe and reliable habitat, be it commercial or residential. If you require the services of a professionally licensed electrician, we urge you to check with our competitors first, so you can appreciate why we are a cut above the rest! We offer free initial consultation, expert electrical engineering design services and, if you decide to award our company the installation contract, we offer you a credit that saves you up to 50% of our design service fee's! 
We are not a company that takes your money and dissapears for weeks or months at a time. Our contracts specifically outline milestone task accomplishments that allow you to know when we start on your project and when we finish your project. We know how important your needs are! Consider becoming a part of our family and enjoy the comfort of being able to lay your head on your pillow each night knowing your property is safe and secure! Our involvement with many lighting suppliers allows our electrical service to give latest innovations in LED, Induction and Fluorescent lighting for the retro fitting of the existing conventional fluorescent as well as discharge lighting of the commercial premises. 

Our Work

Dedicated equipment lines

Our electricians commonly provide Electric Repair, New Installation, Maintenance, Electric Upgradation and more.

Know Us

At our electrician service we will make sure all your electrical problems are rightly met. As the one-stop-store, not just do we give general electrician services but also give data and telecom and the life safety services that is necessary to make business to run very smoothly. We are certified and trained to offer expert service in all the areas 
What Services We Provide? 
Electrical Services 
Our electricians are specialized in the challenging and detailed projects throughout the Area. 
Life Safety 
We give total solution for the fire alarm system, right from UL certification as well as inspection to the new installation. 
Data Services 
We offer data and voice structured cabling installations as well as design services for your construction needs. 
Whole day Services 
No matter day and night, after several hours or weekends, our Service Department will be on a call for you anytime in a day.